BESRBackup Exec System Recovery
BESRBoard on Earth Sciences and Resources (National Research Council; est. 1998; Washington, DC)
BESRBall Exit Speed Ratio (baseball)
BESRBank Payment Slip with Reference Number (investing)
BESRBusiness Ethics and Social Responsibility (Israel)
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Russell (2008) describes that BESR is first calculated from this equation where v is equal to velocity:
The measured exit speed of the ball will depend on whether or not the bat and ball are initially moving or initially stationary, but the value of the BESR and eA [the collision efficiency] will be the same (para 39).
A possible fix to this problem is to measure the bat rebound speed after the collision and to use this to determine the BESR (para 40).
There are those who support the new bats, and there are those who crave the power that old BESR bats offered.
Explaining the BESR performance standard for NCAA baseball bats.
Between 1948 and 1969 the BESR, then NCSR, underwent several changes of leadership and internal reorganisation.
The BESR is a number, once known, that allows one to determine the ball exit speed [V.
As an example, suppose the BESR for a particular ball-bat collision is 0.
Conversely, if one measures the bat speed, the pitch speed, and the ball exit speed, then Equation 1 can be used to determine the BESR (see Equation 2 below).
Note from Equation 1 that greater values of the BESR give rise to greater ball exit speeds.