BESRBackup Exec System Recovery
BESRBoard on Earth Sciences and Resources (National Research Council; est. 1998; Washington, DC)
BESRBall Exit Speed Ratio (baseball)
BESRBank Payment Slip with Reference Number (investing)
BESRBusiness Ethics and Social Responsibility (Israel)
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This was known as the "trampoline effect" in BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio measured) bats.
Prior to 2011, bats were measured by the NCAA using BESR formulas.
Russell (2008) describes that BESR is first calculated from this equation where v is equal to velocity:
The company said that the combination of the VirtualIQ suite of products with BESR will allow it to offer business continuity solutions using virtualisation that can reduce downtime in the event of a failure.
The addition of BESR to VirtualIQ Pro will provide customers with business continuity across the organisation, with continuous, application aware backups and fast disaster recovery , using local or remote storage hardware from multiple or mixed vendors.
The success of the poor white study, published in both English and Afrikaans, resulted in a larger grant and expanded brief for the Bureau which became known as the Bureau for Educational and Social Research (BESR).
The BESR was not only concerned with white education however.
This number represents the BESR and cannot be a negative.
In the case of the Baum Hitting Machine Test used by the NCAA for the BESR standard, the test was compromised by comparing a heavier wood bat to a lighter aluminum bat.
Bats are certified for use in officially sanctioned NCAA games if the ball exit speed does not exceed 97 mph at any of the impact locations, corresponding to a BESR of 0.728 (see corresponding article).
The NCAA requires that all nonwood bats be certified so as to limit their "liveliness." The certification process is accomplished by measuring the performance of a bat under controlled conditions and then assigning a number to it; this number is known as the BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio).
The BESR is a number, once known, that allows one to determine the ball exit speed [V.sub.BALL EXIT] when the bat speed [V.sub.BAT] and the pitch speed [V.sub.PITCH] are specified.