BESTEABuilding Efficient Surface Transportation and Equity Act
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It is believed 21-year-old Bestea had a violent relationship with his girlfriend Marina Souroutzeva, who was later jailed in connection to the murder.
Bestea, 21, claimed in his application for asylum that he and his gay partner were arrested twice for showing "sexual affection" in public.
Bestea, 21, was found stuffed into a suitcase and thrown into Dublin's Royal Canal.
Following the recess, House leaders waited for the Senate to act on ISTEA II before marking up BESTEA. Senate Majority Leader Lott took the lead and held a series of closed-door meetings in February 1998 with members of the Senate Budget Committee in an attempt to find the revenue necessary to resolve the continuing dispute between donor and donee states without breaking the balanced budget agreement.
The programme reveals how his girlfriend Marina Sourovtzeva asked some men to evict Bestea from her flat, saying he had been violent towards her.
My name is Mariana Moraru, the mother of Adrian Bestea. In my pursuit of finding out the truth as a mother within the bitter moments that will hunt me for the rest of my life, I wonder how honest can this Marina be with you, for she is the same person that paid three thugs to torture and then murder my son.
Under BESTEA, fifty percent of additional CMAQ funding over the fiscal year 1996 level can be transferred to other problems.
Mr Bestea's body was discovered in a suitcase in Dublin's Royal Canal two months ago.
It later emerged Mr Bestea died after a contract assault went wrong.
THE family of body-in-a-suitcase murder victim Adrian Bestea were expected to gather in Dublin today for a memorial service.
2400.2400, Building Efficient Surface Transportation and Equity Act of 1997 or BESTEA. House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga) barred full House consideration of BESTEA, because he says the bill would break the balanced budget agreement.
Ukrainian Igore Derjhack pleaded guilty to assaulting and falsely imprisoning 21-year-old Adrian Bestea and helping dispose of his body.