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BETABulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS
BETABreak It Early Test Application
BETABritish Equestrian Trade Association
BETABeirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (est. 2004; Beirut, Lebanon)
BETABranch Equivalent Tax Account (New Zealand)
BETABusiness Education Technology Alliance
BETABusiness Excellence through Action (various organizations)
BETABaltimore's Extraordinary Technology Advocate (Award)
BETABeta Email Tracking Application (email hoax)
BETABakersfield Elementary Teachers Association
BETABelize Eco-Tourism Association
BETABusiness Education Teachers Association
BETABayside Engineering and Technology Academy (Florida)
BETABattlefield Exploitation & Target Acquisition
BETABirth Education, Training, Acceptance, Inc.
BETABandwidth Efficient Transmit(ting) Antenna
BETABritish Entertainment Trades Alliance
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Other than the delayed live-update feature of the volume icon, beta 4 delivers when it comes to improving the performance of the system.
"The type of beta blocker we found to be effective against melanoma -- pan beta blockers -- was actually the least prescribed," Schell said.
which shows that [Y.sub.i]/[Y.sub.j] has a standard beta type 2 distribution with parameters [[beta].sub.i] and [[beta].sub.j].
Youth B: Zac Collinson (Feetup Beta) 21, Jack Walker (Gas Gas) 41, John Harker (Sherco) 76.
Early studies on the stability of beta and portfolio returns were mostly concerned with the specification of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).
In partial case, when one of the parameters is not checked, [h.sub.[sigma]]([tau]) becomes beta density, because [tau][member of](0,1).
For each specification of conditional beta, we find that stocks with high (low) market betas have, on average, high (low) average returns.
Beta coefficient on this parameter affects through the model for identifying the price of investor's capital used in the project financing.
Indeed, for some members Sigma Phi Beta is more than a brotherhood.
SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 will simplify the management and administration of single or multiple SQL Server databases.
The researchers concluded that for healthy women beta carotene produces neither benefit nor harm for risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease.