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The ICT Fund, a subsidiary of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, is offering around 100 scholarships for Emirati students to study ICT as part of the Betha Program.
Omar Mahmoud, Acting CEO, ICT Fund said, "The ICT sector is a key economic pillar, growth driver and source of national income, which is one of the main drivers for launching the Betha scholarships program back in 2013.
Another song produced by Radio Pakistan, 'Betha Ka Sary Ranjishain' has been composed by Rais Khan and sung by Saima.
The mentioned studies are based on findings of the electroencephalogram (EEG) in children with ADHD, which have identified a higher proportion of waves Theta / Beta, a high level of Theta waves and low level of Betha waves (Loo & Barkley, 2005; Othemer & Kaiser, 2000; Butnik, 2005), This is apparently related to the behavior of motor restlessness and lack of concentration.
It reads, "if 3e wolle wite pe letres of iewes pei bup siche Alpha Betha et cetera." (43) Like MS Osborn a55, it omits both the names of the letters and the characters themselves.
Betha McDonald, Brighton, added: "Collum was pathetic and I have to wonder if he should be in the game at all."
A cosmic event occurs and a landslide/miasma overwhelms the victim, as in pathetic fallacy, resulting in destruction of the house: Her house has been destroyed in the fall betha harban finnazla A cloud came upon her, truly, the source of her misfortune jatha gamama walla sahibt ilhajma Her house has been destroyed in the collapse betha harban finnazlat A cloud came upon her, truly, the source of her misfortunes jatha gamama walla sahibt ilhajmat (Lamenter Qomiyya, qtd.