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BETHSBecause Eventually the Healing Starts (domestic violence shelter)
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The clock struck six and, having swept up the hearth, Beth put a pair of slippers down to warm.
"I thought I'd get her some with my dollar," said Beth.
"I'll tell you what we'll do," said Beth, "let's each get her something for Christmas, land not get anything for ourselves."
I liked the things and the kisses, but it was dreadful to have you sit looking at me while I opened the bundles," said Beth, who was toasting her face and the bread for tea at the same time.
Jo gave a despairing groan, and Meg laughed outright, while Beth let her bread burn as she watched the fun with interest.
You're a regular Shakespeare!" exclaimed Beth, who firmly believed that her sisters were gifted with wonderful genius in all things.
Beth's stage-struck!" cried Meg, and the rehearsal ended in a general burst of laughter.