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BETRBusiness and Education Talent Readiness Project (Colorado Springs, CO)
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To date, the bulk of the work on BETR North America has been to develop data on the mass balance of chemical substances--that is, where and in what amounts they will tend to end up following release.
On a broader, continental scale, McKone says that BETR North America may be able to identify where a pollutant that's showing up in Washington State apples--which could be eaten in, say, New England--is coming from.
McKone and MacLeod predict that BETR North America may be an effective tool in assisting states, regions, or even nations in fostering greater understanding of pollution consequences and perhaps more effective regulatory activity.
MacLeod points to the toxaphene study as a good example of how the BETR North America model can enlighten policy makers.
Environmental Protection Agency's National Exposure Research Laboratory in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, has studied and discussed BETR North America at length and concludes that it has potential use in many different applications in one of the areas he works in: developing a strategy for tracking trends of persistent toxics in the environment.
Does BETR North America hold promise as a global tool?
BETR North America, he says, can be an effective tool in helping policy makers understand the problem.
BETR North America Regions (divided by watershed and soil type) 1.