BETREBusiness Excellence Through Resource Efficiency (UK)
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Amen.' 25 [Stimulus extracts and additions] For encheson [??]at loue may alle do with any mysdo, and loue is [??]e rote of parfeccion of alle vertues, and [??]e more [??]ou hast of god loue, [??]e betre [??]ou art, and [??]e more liche to god, and nere to blisse.
[THORN]ere fore while [??]ou art 3ong, I rede [??]at [??]ou ete [??]e betre and werte
Products that are popular with Latinas, such as Royal Violets Eau de Cologne and Betres bath gel, are prominently displayed.
In the adult beauty care sphere the company markets Betres, Maja, Lancry and Heno de Pravia, all major labels with strong equity among Latinos.