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BETSBerkeley Equipment Tracking System (University of California, Berkeley)
BETSBroadcasting Equipment Technical Standards
BETSBangladesh Engineering and Technological Services
BETSBudget Expenditure Tracking System
BETSBenign Epileptiform Transient of Sleep (neurophysiology)
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Everybody knows that England is the world of betting men, who are of a higher class than mere gamblers; to bet is in the English temperament.
This noble lord, who was fastened to his chair, would have given his fortune to be able to make the tour of the world, if it took ten years; and he bet five thousand pounds on Phileas Fogg.
I will not be bound to say that I ever heard him make use of such a figure of speech as "I'll bet you a dollar.
In the end, he abandoned all other forms of wager, and gave himself up to "I'll bet the Devil my head," with a pertinacity and exclusiveness of devotion that displeased not less than it surprised me.
He made first-rate strokes himself, and began to bet against Lydgate's strokes, the strain of whose nerves was thus changed from simple confidence in his own movements to defying another person's doubt in them.
I'll take your bet tomorrow, but now we are all going to -'s.
You might as well bet a man as he wouldn't catch the rheumatise if he stood up to 's neck in the pool of a frosty night.
Let any man bet me ten pound as I shall see Cliff's Holiday, and I'll go and stand by myself.
Thou hast not won thy bet, Mopo," said the king presently.
Why, I bet you Johnny Miller couldn't any more do this than nothing.
I'll bet a hundred francs that Baudoyer will never be head of the division.
Jim said he bet she did think of it by the time the men was ready to start, and he believed they must a gone up-town to get a dog and so they lost all that time, or else we wouldn't be here on a towhead sixteen or seventeen mile below the village -- no, indeedy, we would be in that same old town again.