BETSS-CBase Expeditionary Targeting Surveillance Systems-Combined
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TQGs powering the BETSS-C stopped running because Soldiers neglected preventive maintenance checks and services (PMCS).
Originally conceived in response to a 2007 joint operational needs statement, each of BETSS-C's systems provides the most current RSTA and FP technologies.
Overall, the sub-systems that comprise BETSS-C were specifically designed to be complementary, thereby achieving two related objectives: maximizing the strengths of each system, while simultaneously ensuring coverage of "dead spots" by employing the complementary sub-systems.
This powerful combination of the BETSS-C systems has led Soldiers and operators to refer to the system as a "one-stop shop" that, when employed correctly, "lets nothing get in" to a FOB or other secured area.
Since early in the initial fielding of BETSS-C, PM NV/RSTA has invested in the development of best-in-class leadership awareness and understanding training for unit leaders and operator training for Soldier-operators.
At the unit level, leaders will have developed an understanding of BETSS-C's capabilities and limitations, including how to leverage BETSS-C as a force multiplier, as well as how to incorporate BETSS-C into planning processes for force protection and information collection in accordance with FMs 3-37 and 3-55, respectively.
At the operational level, the BETSS-C training team, primarily located at the BETSS-C training facility in Fayetteville, N.C., provides comprehensive schoolhouse and on-site training (via its mobile training program) to units prior to their deployment and to field service representatives (FSRs), trainers/installers (T/Is).
Since its initial fielding in the fall of 2008, the BETSS-C family of systems has been viewed as an absolutely essential capability for base defense and has made significant contributions to saving lives in both Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom.