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BETTSBirmingham Eye Trauma Terminology System
BETTSBehavioral Treatment of Tics Study
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Julia blushed when her friend said "in town," and her conscious feelings immediately conjured up the image of a certain Betts Shoreham, as the person in her companion's mind's eye.
"And Betts Shoreham has nothing to do with all this dread?"
"What is Betts Shoreham to me, or what am I to Betts Shoreham?
Betts Shoreham is very agreeable, every way a suitable connection for any of us, and that is the reason people are so ready to fancy him in earnest."
"It is no more than justice to Betts Shoreham," she continued, "to say that he has NOT been pointed in his attentions to ME.
"I am afraid now, mother, you are thinking of Betts Shoreham," said Julia, blushing, though she struggled powerfully to appear unconcerned.
"Betts Shoreham was born to an estate, and his father before him," said Julia firmly; "and such men know how to distinguish between the cant of economy, and those elegancies of life that become people of refinement."
Jealousy would be too strong, perhaps too indelicate a word, but she alone had detected Betts Shoreham's admiration of the governess; and it was painful to her to permit one who stood in this relation to her own weakness in favor of the young man, to be a witness of an act of extravagance to which she had only half consented in committing it, and of which she already more than half repented.
Betts in the cottage with the wistaria next the blacksmith's?
Betts, small, black-eyed, and dark, was almost as unconcerned as Friars Pardon.
Betts told me to go home, and I wanted to collapse on her floor.