BEUCBureau Européen des Unions de Consommateurs (European Consumers' Organisation, Brussels, Belgium)
BEUCBusiness End User Care
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In its own ( letter , BEUC cited ( research conducted by the Norwegian Consumer Council that found the toys lacked basic security measures and used user agreement terms that are in violation several privacy directives put in place by the European Union.
BEUC say they found nickel in the Portuguese and Dutch shirts.
A BEUC statement said: "Host country Poland's shirt should be banned outright from shops as it contains an organotin compound, used to prevent sweat odour, in higher doses than the legal limit.
"We are concerned that the dominant search engine, Google, may have abused its position in the search market to direct users to its own services and secondly to reduce the visibility of competing websites and services," said BEUC director general, Monique Goyens,
ANEC and BEUC point out that this would be the first ecodesign requirements set not by EU legislation but by industry agreement.
In a survey this year, the BEUC found nanomaterials in 475 consumer products, compared to 151 in 2009, including a wide range of cosmetics, such as nanogold wrinkle cream, hair treatment products, hair dyes and cellulite gel.
To the claim that the duties will be good for consumers since without them Asian producers will dominate the market and wipe out competition, the BEUC argued that "this is entirely speculative and without any proven foundation or data.
BEUC said Intel's policy left consumers with a lack of choice and innovation, claiming: "They (consumers) paid too much, as the chips represented between 15 per cent to 30 per cent of the final price of the computer." BEUC director-general Monique Goyens said: "Intel have been shown to have denied effective consumer choice and as a result kept prices artificially high and slowed the pace of innovation.
While BEUC claims to have found a number of compounds in air fresheners that represent health risks, several of these compounds are not used, and the rest have been erroneously labeled as unsafe by BEUC, noted CSPA president Chris Cathcart.
"They want to know what these new amounts in Euros mean compared to familiar prices," said BEUC's economic adviser, Katrin Schwerin.
The figure even hikes up to 90% when it comes to meat," Ruth Veale, head of the Food, Health, Environment and Safety Department at BEUC, said.
BEUC's believes that the Union should first ensure that consumers fully benefit from smart energy systems.