BEUDBlue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Yu-Gi-OH! card)
BEUDBlind-Ending Ureteric Duplication (urology)
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The study was conducted in a plantation of 50 hectares in the village of Beud Dieng in the rural community of Marina Dakhar located in the west-central of the "bassin arachidier", Thies region.
According to Susan Hayward, "[t]he Avant-Garde's attempt at defetishising the male gaze and relocating it showed an awareness of the underprivileging of female subjectivity, but perhaps the filmmaker who was the most successful in her handling of this problematic was Germaine Dulac, undoubtedly because at the center of her own filmic discourse lay her feminist preoccupations." (10) Hayward states that La Souriante Madame Beud et (1924) is the best example of a melodrama "reworked into a psychological and feminine subjective experience" (ibid).