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The condition data are then used to assess load capacity in terms of structure longevity and towards maximizing the safety and stability over that period (Bevc et al.
Several optimization procedures are available: classical mathematical formulations (scalar, unconstrained or constrained minimization, linear or quadratic programming, etc.) and artificial intelligence techniques (neural networks, genetic algorithms) (Bevc et al.
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Latvia and Lithuania have incorporated market information in the valuation of both land and buildings (Aleksiene and Bagdonavicius, 2008; Tomson, 2005); Hungary and Slovenia are planning to introduce a value-based property tax in 2010 (Jokay, 2007; McCluskey and Bevc, 2007).
"We will do pattern continuity," said Bojan Bevc, executive vice president of Linden Importing Co., the importing arm of Rogaska.
The bridal business is geared more toward crystal giftware, followed by stemware, Bevc added.
Liberal forces in twentieth century Yugoslavia; memoirs of Ladislav Bevc.
Bevc (1997) upward continued the data from the surface to a flat datum above the highest topography using a constant velocity simulating a flooded topography effect without requiring a prior knowledge of the replacement velocity.