BEVSBaculovirus Expression Vector System
BEVSBuild and Enhance Value Solutions
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You know yourself, Bev, how contrary she's been lately over anything I mention.
"Bev wants to be editor," she said, "and I don't see how he can, with no experience.
"I think it would be nice," said Cecily timidly, "and none of us have any experience of being editors, any more than Bev, so that wouldn't matter."
"Well, is it decided that Bev is to be editor?" asked Felix.
"Bev will run the scrap book department, besides the editorials," said the Story Girl, seeing that I was too modest to say it myself.
BEVs rely entirely on electricity as a single power source and are designed to be charged at the charging facilities.
What is wrong with you?!" "Hiya, Gary, it's Bev. Have you seen Tony at all?" The unreliable Rolodex of my brain started to whizz.
In the past two years, Yulon has also successfully developed the tobe EV+ BEV based on the Panda chassis, and passed related tests and certifications in Taiwan.
Industry experts said that currently BEVs sold in Taiwan are only eligible for a 50% commodity-tax reduction; but the new incentive allows purchasers of new BEVs priced at about NT$1 million (US$33,333) to save about NT$100,000 (US$3,333) more than before.
During the coming six-months in the flora expo, Yulon's LUXGEN EV+ BEVs are expected to log some 350,000 kilometers and shuttle some 100,000 expo visitors.
Taiwan plans to invest US$68.75 million to let 3,000 BEVs run in 10 major cities or counties around the island.