BF3Battlefield 3 (game)
BF3Boron Trifluoride (chemical compound)
BF3British Formula 3 (car racing circuit)
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4: Impact value levels and exercise categories of business functions Business Impact Exercise Included in MBCO Function Value Level Category (urgent) BF1 Level 1 Complex YES BF2 Level 2 Complex YES BF3 Level 3 Medium NO BF4 Level 4 Tabletop NO Source: own Tab.
The literature review shows that direct transformation of epoxides to 1,2-diacetates has been obtained in the presence of various catalysts/reagents such as HCl/ZnCl2 [3], BF3 Et2O [4], DBU/LiCl [5], n-Bu4NCl [6], n- Bu4NOAc [7], Bu3P [8], LiClO4 [9], Er(OTf)3 [10], HY zeolite [11], (NH4)3PMo12O40 [12], (TBA)4P- FeW11O39 3H2O [13], ZrO(OTf)2 [14], NaBH4 [15], phosphomolybdic acid or its supported on silica gel [16] and molecular sieves 4A [17].
The study results showed that the mean tissue (MD) in the second group on the seventh day was significantly higher than the 1.8 times of the first group; the third group with the implant UP was 1.3 times; in the fourth group of the implant of BF3, sixfold, respectively, indicating the activation of LPO and MD accumulation in tissues.
Next, 2.18 ml BF3 (12%) in methanol was added and the mixture was heated for another 2 min.
All the lipids were transesterified using boron-trifloride methanol (BF3 14% methanol, Supelco, Bellefonte, PA, USA), and analyzed in a Hewllet-Packard CG 6890-N gas chromatography equipped with a DB-23 (30 min length x 0.25 mm inner diameter, 0.25 [micro]m-thick-film) fused silica capillary column (J.
(12) It was a lucky break to find out that BF3 treatment of 3-acetate of fucosterol 24,28-epoxide (FE) (9) yielded desmosterol acetate together with usual epoxide-carbonyl rearrangement products during chemical studies of the fucosterol [[DELTA].sup.24(28)]-double bond.
Case Reliability * * * briefs and request for analysis BF3. Accuracy * * * Investigation summary before attendance BF4.
Benchmark functions Function Name Equation Bounds BF1 Sphere [??] [(-100, 100).sup.D] BF2 Ackley [??] [(-32,32).sup.D] BF3 Rosenbrock [??] [(-30,30)].sup.D [(-5.12,5.12).sup.D] BF4 Rastrigin [??] [(-500,500).sup.D] BF5 Schwefel's Problem 2.26 [??] Global Optimum BF1 [f.sub.1] ([??]) = 0 for [??] (0,0,...,0) BF2 [f.sub.2] ([??]) = 0 for [??] = (0,0,...,0) BF3 [f.sub.3] ([??]) = 0 for [??] = (1,1, ...,1) BF4 [f.sub.4] ([??]) = 0 for [??] = (0,0, ...,0) BF5 [??] [??] Table 2.