BFASBest Friends Animal Society (previously Best Friends Animal Sanctuary)
BFASBest Friends Animal Sanctuary (now Best Friends Animal Society)
BFASBradford First Aid Society (UK)
BFASBack-Fat All-Stars (Kenmore, NY)
BFASBulgarian Federation of Automobile Sports
BFASBusiness Finance Advisory Service (UK)
BFASBattery Failure Alarm Systems (Euless, TX)
BFASBrook Farm Animal Sanctuary (UK)
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Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS; Andreassen, Torsheim, Brunborg, & Pallesen, 2012)
Accordingly, I conceived a rather simple modification to their BFAs that allowed us to tune each rifle for a given load without excessive cleaning or frequent swapping out stronger or weaker operating rod springs.
Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS): This scale by Andreassen et al., (2012) consists of six items, reflecting the six core components of addiction (salience, tolerance, mood modification, relapse, withdrawal and conflict; Griffiths, 2005).
Key Words: Facebook Addiction, Gender Variation, University Students and Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale (BFAS).
"Our response for BFAS at current levels is to continue to search for credit securities offering a superior combination of expected returns and downside protection while augmenting this at the margin with more index-like credit exposure," he explained.
In [33], although a genetic-based BFA was proposed to control the stored battery power of hybrid electric vehicles to achieve higher fuel economy and lower pollutants, the dynamic online control for practical usage must still be verified.
These include (to name but a few), 50-item and 100-item instruments based on the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP; Goldberg, 1999), the 44-item Big Five Inventory (BFI; John & Srivastava, 1999), the 50-item Five Individual Reaction Norms Inventory (FIRNI; Denissen & Penke, 2008), the 100 item Big Five Aspects Scale (BFAS; De Young, Quilty & Peterson, 2007), and the 60- and 100-item HEXACO (Ashton & Lee, 2009).
Personality was measured with the Big Five Aspect Scales (BFAS; DeYoung, Quilty, & Peterson, 2007).
I thought about describing the eight novels so far, and listing the three Clarkes, the three Locuses, the two BFAs, the Hugo, the WFA, the BSFA, and the Red Tentacle awards he's won--with his most recent novel, Embassytown (2011), still awaiting the outcome of the Clarke and Nebula for which it has been shortlisted [it has now also been shortlisted for a Hugo].
Brief functional analyses (BFAs) are assessment procedures that manipulate the antecedents and/or consequences which may influence target behavior (Wacker et al., 2004).
For Claudia Perrone, marketing specialist at Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) in Kanab, Utah, the latter option provided the fuel for adapting a flash mob to their "Invisible Dog" campaign.
And each year there are people with PhDs, MFAs, BFAs, BAs, and high school degrees.