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The corresponding physical model is shown in the Figure 2, [R.sub.s] is the radius of the roller, [R.sub.[rho]] is the fillet radius of the roller, [R.sub.D] is the turning radius of the roller, f is the rolling reduction, a is the radial distance between axis center and the work-piece blank edge in xoy plane, [rho] and d[rho] are the offset angle and its increment individually in xoz projection plane, [theta] and d[theta] are the radius and its increment of the micro-unit corresponding to the center of the roller fillet individually, [A.sub.1], [A'.sub.1], [A.sub.2] and [A'.sub.2] are individually lateral areas of EFGH, ABCD, BFCG and ADEH, [[sigma].sub.1], [[sigma].sub.2], [[sigma].sub.3] are individually radial, tangential and axial stresses of the micro-unit.