BFCIButterfly Conservation Initiative
BFCIBaby Friendly Community Initiative (New Zealand)
BFCIBiarritz French Courses Institute (Biarritz, France)
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financial stress: the CFSI, the BFCI, the CLNFCI, the GSFSI, the NFCI, the Chicago Fed's Adjusted NFCI (ANFCI; Brave and Butters, 2011), the STLFSI, the KCFSI, and the IMF's Advanced Economies FSI for the U.
APPENDIX A Start Dates for Full Series Index Start Date (Month/Year) CFSI 1/1994 BFCI 1/1994 CLNFCI 6/1994 GSFCI 1/2000 ANFCI 1/1979 NFCI 1/1979 STLFSI 12/1993 IMFFSI 12/1980 KCFSI 2/1990 APPENDIX B Lag Lengths for Forecasts * Dependent variable Index IP GDP Wilshire CFSI 2 2 1 BFCI 2 2 1 CLNFCI 1 2 1 GSFCI 2 2 2 ANFCI 3 2 1 NFCI 3 2 2 STLFSI 2 2 1 IMFFSI 3 3 1 KCFSI 4 2 1 * Industrial production (IP) and Wilshire lag lengths are months; GDP lag lengths are quarters.
The BFCI values were multiplied by -1 for clearer comparisons with the other indexes examined.
If you have questions about the BFCI, Techniques for Butterfly Conservation and Management course, Butterfly Activity Guide, or species profiles, please contact Shelly Grow, BFCI Program Coordinator, at sgrow@aza.
By 1991 BFCI signed its first franchise partner in Atlanta and since that time has attracted 32 additional franchise partners.
In fact, to encourage BFCI members to work with local private landowners on butterfly conservation, Environmental Defense has made available a competitive grant that will fund a BFCI member-initiated project that focuses on private land issues.
We were interested in BFCI because it was species-specific.
Accordingly, NWF staff members are great resources for education and outreach planning in BFCI.
Hussain is a man of great ability and vision," said Ray Cabana, BFCI president and chief executive officer.
BFCI maintains strict quality-control by shipping a majority of the food prepared at the restaurant, including wings and steaks, from the United States.
We are fortunate to find proven, successful franchise partners like Steve Dubrinsky and Derrick Ethridge, who recognize the niche Buffalo's offers and provide the entrepreneurial talents necessary for the success of our young, growing company," said Ray Cabana, BFCI president and chief executive officer.
In 1999, BFCI achieved approximately $50 million in system sales, up from $42 million the year before.