BFDSBoston Financial Data Services
BFDSBenelux Flood Defence Systems (various locations)
BFDSBatch File Distribution System
BFDSBureau of Food and Drug Safety (Texas Department of Health)
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BFDS is expected to contribute approximately USD 220m of incremental operating revenue and USD 20m of operating income to DST over the next twelve months before synergies, restructuring costs and amortization of the intangibles resulting from the acquisition.
(Secher et al., 1988) discussed whether a priori achieved information on the theoretical basis of the BFD may influence its occurrence and magnitude.
As a consequence, the present study was conducted to examine a sample of non-specifically trained young adults in order to differentiate whether an absent, false and correct pre-information prior to force testing potentially affects the occurrence and magnitude of the BFD during a combined maximal isometric hip- and leg-extension (leg press).
On the first testing day, no theoretical pre-information (NPI) concerning the theory of the BFD was provided prior to maximal isometric strength testing.
A BFD was observed in more than 90% of all force measures (Figure 2).
The present study demonstrated for the first time that occurrence and magnitude of the BFD both seem to not depend on the given pre-information condition (no, false, correct) achieved prior to strength testing during a standardized combined hip- and leg extension (leg press) in young adults.
In addition to our findings, Koh and coworkers (1993) reported that correct pre-information did not influence the occurrence and magnitude of the BFD. Thus, available correct background information does not interfere with the physiological mechanisms of the BFD.
Since the BFD has been reliably observed in all conditions for nearly all subjects, it appears conceptionally reasonable to consider unilateral-alternating exercises especially in sports disciplines with alternating stroke patterns (e.g.
We additionally did not measure EMG activity or assessed interpolated twitch techniques to achieve further insights into the phenomena of the BFD (e.g evaluating fatigue and potential declines of neuro-muscular activation).
However, further longitudinal research on the BFD would be beneficial in terms of addressing EMG-activity adaptation comparing both training approaches (bilateral vs.
Whether the Dodd-Frank overhaul of financial regulation qualifies as a BFD is debatable, but Obama did pass healthcare reform, and at the time it certainly seemed to meet the stiff criteria for BFD status.
The Affordable Care Act addresses a wide range of problems in health care, but it has one central, animating purpose that makes it a BFD. It aims to improve access to medical services and financial security for the millions of Americans who have been left out of the insurance system or received only meager protection at an exorbitant cost.