BFFABritish Free Fighting Academy
BFFABelfast Fly Fishing Association (Belfast, South Africa)
BFFABlack Fire Fighters Association (Dallas, TX)
BFFABerkeley Firefighter's Association
BFFABirmingham Fire Fighters Association
BFFABest Friends Forever Again
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Now the BFFA is staging a week of activities to promote the confidence-boosting sport to bullied kids.
BFFA self-defence instructor Ray Heatherington, 25, says: 'The BFFA isnot about unrealistic martial arts like those you see in films.
In fact, BFFA describe a system where, in practice, time limits are only sporadically enforced because extensions and exemptions are so common.
Officials told us they do not expect any families to ever reach the State time limits in Oregon because, if families are cooperating, they can expect to receive cash assistance indefinitely (funded by the State after the waiver expires in the year 2002); if families are not cooperating, their grants will be terminated long before the time limit is reached." (22) BFFA describe data on 54,148 TANF recipients who had reached the federal five-year time limit by December 2001.
Good Show for Goodfella's Pizza, Recipient of BFFA Gold Award