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BFGBig Friendly Giant (Roald Dahl book)
BfGBundesanstalt für Gewaesserkunde (Germany: Federal Institute of Hydrology)
BFGBattlefleet Gothic (game)
BFGBound for Glory (wrestling)
BFGBound for Glory (band)
BFGBank Für Gemeinwirtschaft (Germany)
BFGBritish Forces Germany
BFGBio Force Gun (Doom movie)
BFGBund Für Geistesfreiheit (German)
BFGBest for Gaming
BFGBig Freaking Gun (polite form)
BFGBig Fat Grin
BFGBible Fellowship Group
BFGBig Fat Guy
BFGBlast Field Generator
BFGBangor Forest Garden (Wales, UK)
BFGBasic Food Group
BFGBerkeley Frisbee Group
BFGBeat-Frequency Generator
BFGBF Goodrich Corporation (Benjamin Franklin Goodrich)
BFGBig Freakin' Guitar (polite form)
BFGBinary Frequency Generator
BFGBig Freakin' Grin (polite form)
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The BFG: When Sophie is snatched from her orphanage by the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), and whisked away to his home in Giant Country, she soon realises that he's not a monster, but a dream catcher, who collects sweet dreams and delivers them to children.
The BFG was previously adapted as an ITV animated movie in 1989, starring David Jason as the voice of the friendly giant.
I've played the BFG in over 1,700 performances, over 18 years and four tours now," says Anthony Pedley, who is decidedly normal-sized away from the stage.
Little Sophie is snatched out of her bed in the dead of night by the BFG and fears the worst when she sees his grisly neighbours, the Bloodbottler and the Fleshlumpeater.
MHI established its proprietary BFG-GTCC power generation technology in the 1980s, including the development of dedicated BFG combustors.
Included in the retail box along with the BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra OC 512MB are these free extras with a total retail value of $60.
Another analyst, Paul Smiddy of brokers Baird, said the rationale behind the approach could be to improve margins through consolidation with BFG.
FLUFFY GIANT: BFG proves how cuddly he is with Sarah yesterday; GETTING MATEY: BFG nuzzles up with a smaller friend; Pictures: MARK PASSMORE
BFG is also looking for greater synergies between Booker and Woodward foodservice, with several Booker lines going into the Woodwards business under the Chef's Larder brand.
Three static-dissipative compounds will also be introduced by BFG.