BFHRBaseline Fetal Heart Rate
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The BFHR identified the minors as Sadiq Jaafar al-Sammak from the town of A'ali, situated about three kilometers southeast of the capital Manama, and Mohsen Abdullah al-A'ali from the village of Buri, located about 13 kilometers Southwest of Manama.
The BFHR said the Manama regime had restored to enforced disappearance as a means of pressure against those arrested over exercising their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.
The BFHR statement added that Jaw Prison guards also refused to provide the inmates with adequate food portions.
BFHR stated that the female detainees are: Taiba Darwish (from Al-Malikiya- sentenced to 5 years in prison), Faten Hussein (from Manama-arrested), human rights defender Ibtisam Al-Saegh (from Muqasha-arrested), Mona Habib (from Arad-arrested), Amira Al-Qashaami (from Barbar-arrested), Hamida Jomaa (from Muqasha-arrested), Hajar Mansour (from Ras Rumman- arrested), Eman Ali (from Diraz-arrested), Fatima Ali (from Diraz-arrested), Madina Ali (from Al-Qarya- arrested) and Najah Al-Sheikh (from Nuwaidirat- arrested).