BFICBanking, Finance and Insurance Commission (Belgium)
BFICBenign Familial Infantile Convulsions
BFICBureau for International Co-Operation (Serbia)
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By genomic sequence analysis and radiation hybrid analysis, Gu et al mapped the LGI-4 gene to chromosome 19q13.11 a chromosomal region linked to Benign Familial Infantile Convulsion (BFIC).
Tenders are invited for Construction Of FIC BFIC Coming under Dy15 off taking at Ch.21.020Km of Allagi B Lift Main Canal of BLI Project OL1 OL3 OL5 and OL6 and OR2 OR4 and Minor Converted to DPO Package.
This year marks Anokiwaves 20th anniversary as well as the release of its 3rd generation of mmWave dual polarization 5G Beamformer ICs (BFICs), IF Up/Down Converters (IFICs), and 2nd generation of K/Ka and Ku Band SATCOM BFICs.