BFIDBloom Filter Identity
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In 2004, the BFID, in association with the Belle Fourche River Watershed Partnership, participated with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources to complete a water quality study on the amount of total suspended solids (sediment) that enter the adjacent Belle Fourche River.
The BFID contracted with RESPEC, an engineering and consulting firm, to develop an overall water management system.
The first component developed for the water management system was automated control of the check gates and monitoring of the flow-measurement structures throughout the BFID. The automated check gates use pressure transducers and gate actuators in combination with dataloggers with programmable algorithms to maintain a constant upstream water level.
Before the water management system was developed, the BFID operated the canals manually and performed all calculations by hand to determine water orders, water billing, and dam releases.
The calculator uses aspects of the first two components to produce a comprehensive report and recommend daily releases from Orman Dam, which is the source of the BFID. Included in the report are real-time readings from the automated gates and flow-measurement structures.
The new water management system provides timely information to support daily decision-making, and it allows BFID staff to manage the entire system and compensate for the fluctuations in delivery caused by rainfall, heat, or equipment malfunctions.
During BFID's investigation of Ngoei, his bank accounts were frozen and CFG's $350,000 was never returned, nor was it able to purchase the gold.
One essential part of Hutton's and Evans' itinerary was a visit to the Sangli District of Maharashtra in western India where BFID has formed a strong link with the Verala Development Society.
An investment in radio-frequency identification (BFID), for example, can improve not only security by tracking and monitoring cargo movements but also shipment visibility.