BFIMBinzagr Factory for Insulation Materials (Saudi Arabia)
BFIMBattle Force Information Management
BFIMBusiness, Finance Investment Management
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Established in 1969, BFIM is one of the United States' largest syndicators in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) industry, with industry expertise and a track record spanning 47 years.
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E33045 quartzite 75.2 20.7 BFI E76509 quartzite 43.6 17.4 BFI E76510 quartzite 56.9 20.7 BFI E76511 quartzite 70.24 21.94 BFI Unarinyra E76515 quartzite 82.4 23.3 BFI E76517 quartzite 54.56 19.6 BFI E76518 quartzite 101.2 28.5 BFI Ijarinyia E76520 quartzite 99.8 26.5 BFI E76522 quartzite 74.1 29.4 BFI E76524 quartzite 50.87 20.15 BFI E77778 quartzite 76.2 24.7 BFIM Kimberley E10572 ceramic 58.59 27.27 BFIM Kimberley E50740 ceramic 62.3 37.4 BFIM Kimberley E50741 glass 43.5 24.3 BFIM E58399 glass 72.2 28.8 BFIM E58399 glass 74.2 30 BFIM E58399 glass 77.1 29.8 BFIM E64493 glass 54.7 26.5 BFIM Forrest R.