BFJBaseball Federation of Japan
BFJBundesamt für Justiz (German: Federal Office of Justice)
BFJBattle Fever J (gaming)
BFJBund Freier Jugend
BFJBritish Food Journal (UK)
BFJBuckhurst Fish & Jacquemart, Inc. (New York, NY)
BFJBread for the Journey (Mill Valley, CA)
BFJBuckner Funken Jazz (band)
BFJBudsjettnemnda for Jordbruket (Norwegian: Budget Committee for Agriculture)
BFJBoulder Friends of Jazz (Boulder, CO)
BFJBigfoot Java (Pacific, WA)
BFJBreast-feeding Jaundice
BFJByteguys Family Journal (website)
References in periodicals archive ?
DOWNES, 'TRIPS and food security: Implications of the WTO's TRIPS Agreement for food security in the developing world' (2004) 106 (5) BFJ, pp.
Kelly BFJ, Acworth RI, Greve AK (2011) Better placement of soil moisture point measurements guided by 2D resistivity tomography for improved irrigation scheduling.
Instead of using the cumbersome cross-reference system of BFJ, items are repeated in every category that applies.
BFJ Planning, the firm that conducts the studies for the USP, found that the number of average daily visitors to the Union Square neighborhood is 383,000.
Kelly BFJ (1994) Electrical properties of sediments and the geophysical detection of groundwater contamination.
As BFJ sipped his girlie white wine (what a terribly sexist remark, I hereby apologise to all girlies), I glugged down the Bantam Bitter.
According to the foot traffic study conducted by BFJ Planning, between the peak shopping hours of noon and 2 p.