BFMOCBasic Financial Management Officer Course (US Air Force)
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In addition, the pre-U&TW members received a briefing on student feedback from both end-of-course surveys and the BFMOC Student Forum.
With the direction from Major General Flowers, and the graduates' feedback, the U&TW membership got to the business of reviewing BFMOC and FMSOC.
The end product from the U&TW will be: a more robust, scenario-focused BFMOC; a slightly altered but enhanced FMSOC; and an Officer & Civilian Training Plan that will be included in the next FM FORCE DEVELOPMENT PRIMER.
Scenario-focus: the new BFMOC will be more interactive, with many more scenarios infused throughout the course, including in-depth budget and cost exercises.
Less strategic orientation: the new BFMOC will have a smaller orientation block, with more basic orientation curriculum weaved throughout various blocks of the course to coincide with the scenarios
Each MAJCOM was teamed with an instructor and assigned a scenario to build for inclusion into BFMOC. Each MAJCOM was also assigned an FM competency in which to serve as subject matter expert, and tasked with reviewing a portion of the current curriculum (to coincide with their respective competency) to see if updates were needed.
The revision process is very detailed and involved, but by the time the process ends, we will have a vibrant, interactive BFMOC, complete with multiple scenarios, injects, and hands-on systems training.
While FMSOC will not undergo the same type of overhaul as BFMOC, there will still be updates to the course.
The officer/civilian Utilization and Training Workshop (U&TW), co-chaired in November 2006 by SAF/FMPW (Career Field Manager for officers and civilians) and the AETC Training Pipeline Manager, charted the course for updating the content of the BFMOC and FMSOC courses.
Before completing the courses, BFMOC and FMSOC students get the opportunity to practice decision support skills in the classroom.