BFMSBritish False Memory Society (UK registered charity)
BFMSBaltimore Folk Music Society (Baltimore, MD)
BFMSBenjamin Franklin Middle School (various locations)
BFMSBoard for Mission Services (Lutheran Church)
BFMSBritish Folk-Music Settings
BFMSBattle Force Management System
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The BFMS dBase application is the heart of the system.
The results may be viewed in the output file, within the BFMS report system, or within the application on the computer screen.
in fact, Boyle has linked our sewer and several stormwater models to sister BFMS applications for modeling other types of systems.
BFMS has distinctive features, including the ability to model for any year in the present or future.
The system developed for Long Beach incorporates the Los Angeles County Flood Control hydrology model, two different hydraulic models, and a BFMS menu-driven and centralized from Boyle's database written in dBase IV.