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BFNBye for Now
BFNBundesamt für Naturschutz (German)
BFNBuffer Number
BFNBuenafuente (Spanish TV program)
BFNBokföringsnämnden (Swedish: Swedish Accounting Standards Board)
BFNBig Fat Negative
BFNBreastfeeding Network (UK)
BFNBuffalo Free-Net (New York)
BFNBrutto für Netto (German: Gross for Net)
BFNBritish Forces Network
BFNBeam-Forming Network
BFNBeroeps Fotografen Nederland (Dutch: Professional Photographers Netherlands; est. 1919)
BFNBass Federation Nation
BFNBrowns Ferry Nuclear
BFNBloemfontein, South Africa - Jbm Hertzog (Airport Code)
BFNBlue Falcon Networks (now Akimbo Systems)
BFNBridge to Future Networks
BFNNode B Frame Number (counter; 3GPP specification)
BFNBig Fat Nothing
BFNBig for Nothing
BFNBeam Frequency Network
BFNBumpfire.Net (discussion forum)
BFNBand Formation Notice
BFNBumflip Nowhere (polite form)
BFNBarrhaven Freecycle Network
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Las variables fisiologicas, reproductivas y de colonizacion de las raices de fresa silvestre por BFN fueron sometidas a ANOVA de dos vias para los siguientes factores: temperatura y BFN, con comparaciones entre medias a posteriori con la prueba de Tukey's HSD ([alfa] = 0.05), utilizando el paquete SAS (SAS Institute Inc., 2002).
Se realizo el ANDEVA (SAS, 2005) de las medias (Tukey; p [less than or equal to] 0,05) de ocho repeticiones por tratamiento y las correlaciones multiples de las variables fisicas (Dap e Ib), quimicas (suelo: HTP, COS, Nt, Pdisp; foliar: N y P) y biologicas (microflora: C-bio, densidades de BFN y BSP; de planta: AP, BSR, BSF, BSB; y biomasa seca total: BST).
To attain a wideband (beam-squint free) steering, the BFN is designed by exploiting the TTD principle [2], and the phase shifter approach must be avoided.
Even the Ministry of Environment advertises voluntary commitments, referring to the agreement with the Central Horticulture Association (BfN 2010).
We have also published some work on Butler matrix and Butler matrix-based BFNs [16-18].
And no one still uses BRB (be right back) - it's BFN (bye for now).
The three coefficients BFN, [c.sub.dil], and [] are 6.3, 175, and 0.5, respectively.
Sweden has three accounting regulatory bodies: the Foreningen Auktoriserade Revisor (FAR), the Bokforingsnamnden (BFN), and the Redovisningsrodet (RR).
will focus on serving the wholesale community of air cargo users as a neutral provider handling primarily domestic cargo under its BAX Forwarder Network (BFN) program.
There will also be chocolate and cake tastings plus free cocktails from BFN Productions.