BFORBona Fide Occupational Requirement
BFORBridgestone Firestone Off Road Tire Company (est. 1994)
BFORBachelor of Forestry
BFORBalkan Fiber Optic Ring
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Where there is evidence that age is a relevant criterion in the performance of an employee's necessary duties, an otherwise age-based discriminatory rule may be excused under human rights equality legislation as a BFOR.
Trust Account Plan Bfor multi-office firms with branch offices in Florida or for large firms with single offices.
Another test that turns out to be very similar to proportionality is the bona fide occupational requirement (BFOR) defence in workplace discrimination cases.
Tire description DOT sequence DOT production periods (inclusive) LT235/85R16 120Q LRE BFOR JDUU -- 1310 to 2912 Uniroyal Laredo HD/H LT235/S5R16 120Q LRE, BF0RJD11 -- 1310 to 2912 BF Goodrich Commercial T/A A/S LT245/75R16 120Q LRE BE11 JDUU -- 1310 to 0312 Uniroyal Laredo HD/H BF11 JDUU -- 1311 to 5211 LT245/75R16 120Q LRE BE11 JD11 -- 1310 to 0312 BF Goodrich Commercial T/A A/S BF11 JD11 -- 1311 to 5211
The Court ruled that the duty to accommodate is implicitly incorporated into the BFOR defence in cases of both direct and indirect forms of discrimination.
There are good theoretical reasons and an increasing body of clinical evidence to suggest that risk assessment based on Bfor a combination of Bt, albumin, and Bf will improve the identification of babies in need of treatment (11).
3) in which the Court upheld the concept of bona fide occupational requirements (BFOR) to provide fairness for women as well as for men.
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In March 1994 he became assistant manager to Vicente Del Bosque with the senior Real Madrid team before returning to coach Real Madrid Bfor the 19 94-5 season.
If an employer is able to demonstrate that age is reasonably necessary to the normal operation of the business the employer may have a bona fide occupational requirement (BFOR) defense to defend employment decisions based upon age.