BFPCBlandford Forum Parish Church (Dorset, England, UK)
BFPCBlackstone Family Practice Center (Virginia)
BFPCBarking Frogs Permaculture Center (Florida)
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3]) BFL (g) BFPC (g) 0 100 0 100 Nyarmo Yik 79,31 aB 42,06 bAB 82,76 aC 40,10 bB T.
Because a major objective of the study was to study the referral rate, any fractures diagnosed elsewhere and referred to BFPC were excluded from the study.
Thirty-seven of these patients were excluded from the study for the following reasons: the fracture was initially diagnosed elsewhere and the patient was referred to BFPC for follow-up care (17 cases); a fracture was diagnosed without radiographs being taken, or with equivocal radiograph results (10 rib, 2 coccyx, 2 facial, 1 toe, and 1 patella fracture), or the injury was considered unlikely to be a fracture after review of the chart and available films for this study (4 cases).