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The objective of the Approved Hose Assemblies Mark certification scheme is to assure customers/end users they have received hose assemblies from a supplier who has been inspected and awarded the Approved Hose Assemblies Mark by the BFPDA. The award certifies that at the time of inspection by the BFPDA inspector the supplier demonstrated that it is producing hose assemblies generally to the requirements set out in the document BFPDA/D8 published by the BFPDA.
It indicates that the hose workshop has the equipment, the resources, skilled personnel and that it has undertaken to maintain a full quality assurance programme in its hose assembly production as approved by the BFPDA.
Companies in the BFPDA Approved Hose Scheme who have been inspected and approved may use the Approved Hose Assemblies logo on their advertising, stationery and promotions, in addition to the BFPDA or BFPA logo as appropriate.
* As a BFPDA Certified hose workshop, quality is the key objective.
* The BFPDA recommends that all hose be blown through with a filtered airline before and after assembly to remove all loose particles.
It is for these reasons that the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA) and British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA) have established their hose training courses: The 'Foundation Course in Working Safely with Hydraulic Hose and Connectors' and 'The Hose Assembly Skills Training Programme'.
With a BFPDA approved Hose Assembly facility - design, manufacture and testing of Hose Assemblies is offered to reinforce the company's existing capabilities.
The BFPDA was incorporated in the 1980's as a specific division for distributors.