BFPLBank First Play Later (gang)
BFPLBedford Free Public Library (Bedford, MA)
BFPLBigelow Free Public Library (Clinton, MA)
BFPLBloomingdale Free Public Library (Bloomingdale, NJ)
BFPLBrooksville Free Public Library (Brooksille, ME)
BFPLBeacon Falls Public Library (Beacon Falls, CT)
BFPLBrittle Fracture Pressure Limit
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The report "describes advances made over the past two years by the BFPL Trustees to guarantee that the standard of service offered to BFPL patrons is comparable with the standard of service most public libraries, regardless of size, offer their patrons in today's digital age -- standards that those patrons now regard as 'the norm' for library services.
According to the report, available on the library's website, "Two current priorities of the BFPL Trustees are to ensure that the BFPL's collection and services compare favorably with collections and services provided by libraries in surrounding towns and that 24/7, full access to resource sharing, as enjoyed by patrons of surrounding libraries, may be enjoyed by BFPL patrons.
Monthly open meetings of the BFPL Trustees are posted every week in the Item's calendar listings for the library and a meeting agenda is also posted in Clinton Town Hall.