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BFPPBona Fide Prospective Purchaser
BFPPBilateral Frontoparietal Polymicrogyria
BFPPBusiness and Financial Policies and Procedures
BFPPBound-Free Pair Production (physics of relativistic heavy ion collisions)
BFPPBangladesh Food Policy Project
BFPPBlack Forest Preservation Plan (Colorado, USA)
BFPPBen Franklin Partnership Program (Pennsylvania)
BFPPBreastfeeding Promotion Program
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This requirement makes sense, as the BFPP defense only applies to liability for contamination occurring before the purchase.
In particular, a purchaser of contaminated property should be aware that establishing BFPP status requires that, after closing, the new owner must take "reasonable steps" to prevent future releases of hazardous substances (see sidebar for more on "reasonable steps").
Closing on contaminated property is not the end of the process of establishing and maintaining BFPP status.
Perspective on recent case law regarding the BFPP defense - Ashley II of Charleston, LLC v.
The 10 questions most asked by environmental lawyers with respect to qualifying their clients for the BFPP defense in light of these recent legal developments