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The physical processes activated are coded as follows: gen is the generation by wind, wcap indicates the whitecapping process, quad represents the quadruplet nonlinear interactions, triad indicates the activation of the triad nonlinear interactions, diff is the diffraction process (phase decoupled), bfric represents the bottom friction, setup is the wave-induced setup, and br indicates the activation of the depth-induced wave breaking.
SWAN model Coordinates [DELTA]x x [DELTA]y (m) [DELTA] [theta] Cartesian 50 x 50 ([degrees]) 5 Input/process wave wind tide crt gen SWAN X X 0 X X SWAN model Mode/scheme [n.sub.f] [n.sub.[theta] stat/BSBT 34 35 Input/process wcap quad triad SWAN 0 X X SWAN model [n.sub.gx] x [] = [n.sub.p] 355 x 406 = 144130 Input/process diffr bfric setup br SWAN X X X X TABLE 2: CS1 ([H.sub.s] =1 m, [T.sub.m] = 4s, Dir = 90[degrees]), evaluation of the impact of the energy farms on the waves in the reference points OP1 (northern offshore point), OP2 (central offshore point), OP3 (southern offshore point), and in the point NP1-NP7 WD0: no energy converter, WD6: four Wave Dragon energy converters operating in line.