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The coupling agent was made up at the specified ratio, and then, the coupling agent applied with the aid of a roller onto the surface of BFRP and laminate materials.
The BFRP was then placed onto the tension face of the ply beam at equidistance from the beam centre line and set firmly onto the substrate using a suitable hand roller.
Six groups BFRP samples in universal mechanical testing machine for BFRP bending, inter-laminar shear, tensile test, which is shown in Figure 2, the inter-laminar shear performance of BFRP.
Results from the second test showed that BFRP timber can significantly enhanced the elastic modulus and bending strength, while the corresponding deflection reduced, which is shown in Figure 4 and Table 2.
Therefore, it is greatly active and effective to use BFRP for enhancing the mechanical properties.
Tests show that the strength of BFRP reinforced timber increased by 10% than the unreinforced timber, while the deflection of the specimen reduced by 16% under the conditions of the resorcinol adhesive.
This paper has presented experimental results aimed at establishing the effectiveness of BFRP composite systems flexural strengthening of glulam beams.
Further investigations are currently pursued to examine various beam widths, strengthened with more than one layer of BFRP composites hoping to further improve the beam properties.
In terms of mechanical properties and production complexity, BFRP and AFRP bars are somewhere the middle, but they are rarely used in practice.
Glass, basalt, aramid and carbon fibre reinforced polymer GFRP, BFRP, AFRP, CFRP, respectively
The global Unmanned Systems Composite Market is classified into four major segments: CFRP, GFRP, BFRP, and AFRP.