BFRTBruce Freeman Rail Trail (Massachusetts)
BFRTBenton Face Recognition Test (neuropsychology)
BFRTBrookhaven-Fermilab-Rutherford-Trieste (physics)
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Just by the few examples presented in this paper, it is apparent that BFRT may be a useful intervention tool when addressing stress or anxiety related conditions or diseases from a public health perspective.
Probably the most commonly used method of BFRT delivery is through individual sessions.
Another method of BFRT delivery is through group sessions.
First, the effects of BFRT may be reduced due to offering a more genetic and less individualized form of training.
There are several levels through which BFRT could be implemented.
The last aspect to consider when implementing BFRT is receiving the proper training to deliver BFRT and working towards certification.
Regardless of licensure, if using BFRT as part of a public health intervention for research or service, certification should be obtained to assure at least, minimum competency.
In terms of professional development, pursuing BFRT training may include attending professional biofeedback workshops around the country or even inviting biofeedback speakers to public health conferences.
For BFRT research, stringent evaluation of biofeedback have been called for using, "the gold standard for clinical research: the randomized controlled clinical trial .
In practice, those developing and implementing programs need to be more aware of the potential that BFRT techniques can have as a complement to existing health promotion interventions and services.