BFSKBinary Frequency Shift Keying
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SSC output ABER over BFSK modulation for some values of system parameters.
Due to usage of two NCO, the number of bits is equal to 4096 x 2 = 8192 for BFSK (Binary Frequency Shift Keying).
presented in [7] a completely integrated 5.2 GHz BFSK RFID transceiver suitable for RFID and medical sensor applications.
The values of the constants in (17) are ([alpha], [eta]) = (1, 0.5) for BPSK, ([alpha], [eta]) = (0.5, 0.5) for BFSK, ([alpha], [eta]) = (1, 1) for DBPSK, and ([alpha], [eta]) = (0.5, 1) for NCBFSK.