BFSPBattle for Space Palace
BFSPBlack Forest Star Party
BFSPBoat Facility Siting Plan (Florida)
BFSPBattle for Skull Pass (Warhammer tabletop game)
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BF = Bovine Faeces, BS = Bovine Slurry, BFSw = Bovine Faeces-Saw Dust in Windrow, BSSw = Bovine Slurry-Saw Dust in Windrow, BFSp = Bovine Faeces-Saw Dust in Plastic Bin and BSSp = Bovine Slurry-Saw Dust in Plastic Bin.
The range between the maximum and the minimum temperatures of the bovine manure composted in windrows (61[degrees]C and 26[degrees]C respectively for BFSw and 60OC and 25[degrees]C respectively for BSSw) was higher than those composted in plastic bins (56[degrees]C and 32[degrees]C respectively for BFSp and 55.5[degrees]C and 32[degrees]C respectively for BSSp).
(38.) The necessity for self-defense must be "instant, overwhelming, leaving no choice of means, and no moment for deliberation." Caroline Case, 29 BFSP 1137-8; 30 BFSP 19-6 (1837), Robert Jenning and Arthur Watts (eds.,) Oppenheim's International Law (Pearson Higher Education, 9th ed., 1992), pp.