BFSSBritish Field Sports Society (UK)
BFSSBritish and Foreign School Society (registered charity)
BFSSBanks Fischler Shenker Susskind (quantum physics matrix model)
BFSSBioremediation in the Field Search System (software; US EPA)
BFSSBlack Forest Soaring Society (Colorado)
BFSSBroad Field Social Studies (various universities)
BFSSBona Fide Seniority System
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In hunting circles, mounting dissatisfaction with the lobbying methods of the BFSS intensified with the prospect of an antihunting Labour government and turned to frustration as the BFSS leadership failed to take up calls for more radical action:
It tended to be the wise old men on the board who knew better and thought this wasn't a good idea, because we'd always done it quietly by parliamentary procedures and things in the past" (Former Chief Executive, BFSS).
Based on the results using the BFSS method, the combination of upgrades with the lowest total life cycle cost was the same as the one identified in the previous case; however, the HRV with 70% efficiency was the least cost upgrade solution at the end of Round 3 (not Round 6), as shown in Figure 6.
Including this contract, Manroy has sold 363 BFSs to the MoD.
Under the 2007 agreement, Mitsubishi paid an initial A$150 million in cash as part payment for its 50% interest and is required to make the Deferred Payment following fulfillment of various conditions, including completion of the BFSs for both OPR and Crosslands.
Numerous studies have been conducted worldwide to determine the optimal upgrade solutions among various improvement measures through the optimization in energy costs using two distinct methods: a brute force sequential search (BFSS) method, and a genetic algorithm (GA) method.
Another method is the brute force sequential search (BFSS) method, and this is the methodology used in this study.
The project BFSs are due for completion in the second quarter of 2011.
I explained that the Countryside Alliance was created by the British Field Sports Society (BFSS) whose entire membership of some 80,000 hunt supporters had transferred enbloc to form the core of the Alliance's estimated 90,000 membership.
This occurred because the BFSS recognised it had lost the argument on hunting and had to change its tactics.
Among cut-in-place machines at the show will be the redesigned KMD75 BFSS pressure former from Kiefel Technologies Inc., Hampton, N.H.