BFTABritish Fur Trade Association
BFTABritish Field Target Association (UK)
BFTABritish Focusing Teachers Association (UK)
BFTABattle for the Arts (Sioux Falls, SD)
BFTABahrain Free Trade Agreement
BFTABulk Fuel Tank Assembly(s)
BFTABilateral Free Trade Agreement
BFTABlack Forest Trails Association
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First, the coefficient on BFTA is not consistent across countries, in terms of direction and significance.
Andrea Martin, a BFTA spokeswoman, said worldwide retail sales of fur had risen by over 58 per cent to pounds 8billion in 2009 compared to the end of the 1990s.
"Trade-liberalization strategies: What could Southeastern Europe learn from CEFTA and BFTA?," IMF Working paper WP/03/239, IMF Washington, DC.
The British Government banned fur farming in 2003, but it can still be imported from abroad and the BFTA reports that the UK fur trade is worth around pounds 500m a year.
In particular, we look for empirical evidence showing whether and how the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) and the Baltic Free Trade Agreement (BFTA) exerted a significant impact on intra-European trade, effectively reducing the influence of the European Association (EA) in shaping the European trade structure has a hub-and-spoke system--with the EU15 being the hub and the CEECs the spokes.
Malaysia also criticized Singapore's willingness to exclude agriculture from its BFTA negotiations with Japan and inclusion of measures linking trade to labour and environmental standards in similar negotiations with the United States, owing to its endorsement of the developed country position within the multilateral trade order.
The core members of regional arrangements, notably CEFTA and BFTA, show positive growth in their respective intragroup exports and imports (Sorsa 1997); this becomes more pronounced if the continued slide in the relative importance of the `new' Czech-Slovak trade is abstracted from and allowance is made for the impact of countries in severe economic (and perhaps other) crisis, as noted earlier.
The BFTA has recently introduced a labelling initiative where all retail members of the BFTA are labelling fur garments and accessories sold to the consumer with the fur type in English along with its scientific Latin name.
If CEFTA succeeds in its endeavor, reciprocal tariffs also of other CEFTA members (notably Bulgaria, Romania, and Slovakia) as well as other members of the Baltic Free Trade Agreement (BFTA) - Latvia and Lithuania - will become very low.
There will be a BFTA float tube demonstration at Lockwood on Saturday, May 3 and the fishery will host a heat of the Scierra Pairs on Sunday, May 18.
FLOAT Tubers from all over the country fished the BFTA competition at Sweethope Loughs - and all caught trout in testing conditions.
On Saturday July 13, 10am, Steve Naylor of the British Float Tube Association (BFTA) demonstrates float tubing equipment.