BFTIBangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
BFTIBattle for the Island (gaming)
BFTIBrownfields Tax Incentive
BFTIBulgarian Foreign Trade Institute (Bulgarian Industrial Association)
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INR and BFTI have commenced respective due diligence review efforts and are addressing other major conditions requisite to closing the agreement.
Management of BFTI and INR believe that the proposed merger will greatly enhance the ability of the two companies to achieve their common business goals of expanding their human resource team and their product and geographic base and improving their ability to attract necessary additional financing for their operations.
As part of the agreement with SANNES, BFTI has given them the charge to expand BFTI's technology markets to include a wide range of viral and infectious diseases.
The BFTI worldwide website was unveiled and is now available day or night to anyone around the world at its internet address, www.
In addition, BFTI announced that the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen & Co.
Because of the successful completion of the first trial, BFTI will begin to build image databases for HIV-infected cells and begin training the Mehica AI software to recognize HIV infected cells.
In conclusion, the trials succeeded in providing BFTI with fulfillment of its first set of objectives to:
The test supplied by BFTI is in the "well" slide format.
This is the first step in a series of steps designed to prepare BFTI for evaluations by the FDA.
BFTI already has one FDA IFA test ready to use on the Mehica GP120 and is in the process of getting FDA approval on a second test developed by Virion.
To the best of our knowledge, BFTI is the only company that has a product that satisfies both the CDC's requirement for a fluorescence test and the FDA's recommendation for an antigen test.