BFUEBurst Forming Unit Erythroid
BFUEBlast-Forming Unit Erythrocyte (red blood cells)
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In common with Cutler, Blackmur (1993: 91, 105-06 and 204) and Sheridan (1989: 122-23) devote only limited attention to the role of the CQMEU and the BFUE in the strike and its aftermath.
Sheridan argues that the BFUE and a similar type of unregistered organisation that covered non-union labour at the Lakes Creek meatworks in Rockhampton provided the union's Queensland branch 'with its biggest post-strike problems' (Sheridan, 1989: 123).
For its part, the AMIEU was quick to dismiss both the CQMEU and the BFUE as simply illegitimate employer creations.