BFUGBologna Follow-Up Group
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The early inclusion and centrality of the European Commission and the fact that the Commission and key stakeholder groups, although deemed consultative, are the only actors at all levels of meetings (ministerial meetings, BFUG, BFUG's Board) means that they are the repositories of organizational memory; they are the elements of continuity; they can develop the capabilities for policy analysis and proposal.
Third, the ministers give directives to BFUG to follow up by holding workshops, for example, not only in order to disseminate ideas, receive input, provide a venue for "peer learning," share best practices or cases of success, but also to operationalize the endorsed objectives and develop indicators for them.
2) Note that when Education International's Pan-European Structure (the only organization within Bologna representing faculty members in some way) was admitted to the Process and to BFUG as a consultative member, it was apparently acknowledged solely as an employee counterpart to employers (its labour role).