BFVBattlefield Vietnam (computer game)
BFVBundesamt Für Verfassungsschutz (German: federal office for defending the Constitution)
BFVButterfly Valve
BFVBayerischer Fussball-Verband (German: Bavarian Soccer Association)
BFVBradley Fighting Vehicle
BFVBerliner Fussball-Verband (German: Berlin Soccer Association)
BFVBelgische Fruitveiling (Dutch: Belgian Fruit Auction)
BFVBarmah Forest Virus
BFVBibliography of Fossil Vertebrates
BFVBenjamin Franklin Village (Mannheim, Germany US Army installation)
BFVBurgenländische Fußball-Verband (German: Austrian soccer league)
BFVBardufoss Fellesverksted (Norwegian military joint workshop)
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Omar Bradley, the M2A2 is one of two BFV models designed to transport and protect infantry while offering offensive capabilities.
The J3 ASI identifies NCOs who graduate from the Bradley MG Course, and the D3 ASI identifies Soldiers who were qualified to operate or maintain the BFV during 19D One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Fort Benning, Ga.
Notification data for RRV, BFV, and other notifiable infections in Victoria are publicly available (8).
Self-Acceptance = Self-Acceptance subscale of the Psychological Well-Being scales (PWB); Environmental Mastery = PWB Environmental Mastery subscale; Appearance Evaluation = Appearance Evaluation subscale of the Multidimensional Body-Self Relations Questionnaire (MBSRQ); Body Area Satisfaction = MBSRQ Body Area Satisfaction subscale; Dominance = Dominance subscale of the Conformity to Masculine Norms Inventory (CMNI); Pursuit of Status = CMNI Pursuit of Status subscale; Victimization = Victimization subscale of the Bullying, Fighting, Victimization scale (BFV); Bullying = BFV Bullying subscale.
BFV is a nonfatal disease but causes a syndrome similar to that of Ross River virus disease (Flexman et al.
Suitable for dairies, breweries, wineries, food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical applications, the F250D BFV features Keystone's proven valve and actuator technology, failsafe pneumatic interlocks and a fully machined 316L stainless steel body.
However, since the MLRS chassis has the same drivetrain as the BFV, it stands to reason that it will also keep down the number of lines of the prescribed load list needed to maintain the vehicle.
Burton had been assigned as a Pentagon watchdog by Congress when he received an anonymous tip that the BFV was dangerous.
Additionally, the requested funds should result in extending production work for the BFV, reducing concerns about the potential for a gap between BFV production work and Future Combat Systems vehicle production.
M3A3 or M2 Operation Desert Storm-Situational Awareness (ODS-SA) Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFVs), new equipment training teams and master gunners have many resources at their disposal to train all types of BFV tasks.
Results of tests of patients' serum for antibodies to selected alphaviruses * IgM results PRNT titers ([dagger]) ([double dagger]) Interval (d) Patient ([section]) RRV BFV RRV BFV SINV 1 10 Positive Negative 320 <10 <10 21 Positive Negative 1,280 <10 <10 141 Equivocal Negative 160 ND ND 2 16 Positive Negative 5,120 <10 ND 33 Positive Negative 5,120 <10 ND * Ig, immunoglobulin; PRNT, plaque-reduction neutralization test; RRV, Ross River virus; BFV, Barmah Forest virus; SINV, Sindbis virus; ND, not done.
Burton, played by Cary Elwes, was brought in to oversee testing of the BFV prototype and, at the urging of his superior, Army Gen.