BFVBattlefield Vietnam (computer game)
BFVBundesamt Für Verfassungsschutz (German: federal office for defending the Constitution)
BFVButterfly Valve
BFVBayerischer Fussball-Verband (German: Bavarian Soccer Association)
BFVBradley Fighting Vehicle
BFVBerliner Fussball-Verband (German: Berlin Soccer Association)
BFVBelgische Fruitveiling (Dutch: Belgian Fruit Auction)
BFVBarmah Forest Virus
BFVBibliography of Fossil Vertebrates
BFVBenjamin Franklin Village (Mannheim, Germany US Army installation)
BFVBurgenländische Fußball-Verband (German: Austrian soccer league)
BFVBardufoss Fellesverksted (Norwegian military joint workshop)
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Development of a short-range training program for a battalion-size BFV unit from preliminary gunnery through platoon gunnery (BT XII).
He was in his BFV, talking on the radio with his first sergeant, yelling over the noise, "1 am not leaving this objective until l know for certain that everyone is on board
In this article, I discuss the preliminary and basic crew gunnery concepts as they apply to the BFV.
Rifle squads should be evaluated on their ability to effectively move tactically, control organic fires, and report/communicate as a squad and as part of a BFV platoon.
The Current mission of the Bradley Master Gunner Branch is to train select NCOs to design and implement BFV gunnery and turret maintenance training programs.
The BFVs and HMMWVs break despite the Herculean efforts of my maintenance team.
Tenders are invited for Supply of bearings and spares for repairs to daily operated SV / BFV Gear
It is vital to the company's success to have the NCOs go through the PMCS training, even more so if they are coming from a light Infantry background or are inexperienced with the BFV.
Revenues of $293 million in 2003 from the BFV program were slightly lower than Fitch expected as a result of delivery delays due to troop deployment in Iraq.
My platoon sergeants BFV was hit in the driver's side, with the driver just narrowly escaping the round that flew a few inches underneath him and into the engine block.
The results of the study support the implementation of the measurement of ICA BFV with the Quantix/ND for the bedside assessment of cerebral hemodynamics in the critically ill patient.
may be deemed to beneficially own the 8,819,600 shares of Common Stock of Avigen beneficially owned by BFV Inc.