BGBlBundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette, Germany)
BGBLBundesgesetzblatt (Austria, Federal Law Gazette)
BGBLBoston Gay Basketball League
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Aufenthaltsgesetz [AufenthG] [Residence Act], July 30, 2004, BGBL.
67) Only small-engine cycles--with a capacity of up to 250 cc (from 1930) or 200 cc (from 1937)--were excluded from compulsory liability insurance; BGBl 1930/138, [section] 2; BGBl 1937/196, [section] 2 (1).
As we found experimentally, in some cases Escherichia coli present in water sample could grow in BGBL but not in EC medium as we found it through striking BGBL positive on EMB agar and isolating the Escherichia coli colonies.
On 22nd May 2005 the act on mortgage bonds was enacted (Pfandbriefgesetz, BGBl.
20) See Art 21 B-VG (after the amendment BGBl 1974/444 and before the amendment BGBl I 1999/8).
I follow De Moor and Spronk ("Problematical Passages (II)," 190) in seeing hpn as a metaphor for strength, paralleling bgbl sntk in the previous lines.
Considering the gas producers as positive isolates, the isolates were inoculated to BGBL broth (Merck Chemicals, Germany) and incubated at 35-37[degrees]C for 48 hours (confirmed phase).
211) See Strafprozessordnung [StPO] [Code of Criminal Procedure], April 7, 1987, BGBL.
See Grundgesetz fur Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland [Grundgesetz] [GG] [Basic Law], May 23, 1949, BGBl.