BGBlBundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette, Germany)
BGBlBundesgesetzblatt (Austria, Federal Law Gazette)
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Rights], BGBL I, [section] 32a (author's own translation of the
(369.) Aufenthaltsgesetz [AufenthG] [Residence Act], July 30, 2004, BGBL. 1 at 1950, as amended BGBl.
(30) After 1945 the release of information from the official vehicle files was regulated legally in a very similar manner to the period before 1938; Kraftfahrverordnung 1947 (Bundesgesetzblatt--hereafter BGBl--1947/83); Kraftfahruberleitungsverordnung (BGBl 1947/61).
As for international jurisdiction over the subject matter, the Court relies on Article 5, paragraph 3, of the Lugano Convention on jurisdiction and the enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters (1988) (BGBL. 1994 II S.
We considered xylose fermenters (acid producers) as positive and submitted the presumptive tubes into BGBL broth (to detect total coliforms as confirmed phase) and EC broth (to detect thermotolerant coliforms as completed phase).
(45) El 7 de marzo de 1992 entro en vigor la "Gesetz zur Anderung des Aufienwirtschaftsgesetzes, des Strafgesetzbuches und anderer Gesetze" de 28 de febrero de 1992(BGBl. I S.