BGCFBorder Gateway Control Function
BGCFBlack Glove Cello Festival (Utah)
BGCFBreakout Gateway Control Function
BGCFBlue Grass Community Foundation (Kentucky)
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In IMS networks, Nominum Navitas delivers ENUM translations and BGCF routing server functionality to enable convergence.
Introducing a Modular Service Creation Framework for Rapid Development of High Performance SIP Application Servers, Session Border Controllers, FW/NAT Servers, Controllers, such as MGCF, BGCF, MRFC, Gateways, Call Control Servers, IMS Call Session Control Functions and More
For the event ZTE provided its P/I/S-CSCF (Call State Control Function), BGCF (Breakout Gateway Control Function) and HSS (Home Subscriber Server) equipment.
The IMS network entities that can be developed with RADVISION's IMS SIP Toolkit are P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, BGCF, AS, UE, MGCF, MRFC and SGW.
The ControlSwitch modules supporting the core IMS functionalities, including the Proxy, Interrogating and Serving-CSCF (Call Session Call Control Function) as well as the HSS (Home Subscriber Server) and BGCF (Breakout Gateway Control Function), are being enhanced with IMS compliant interfaces.