BGCRBee Gees Chain Reaction
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BGCR rose to 2.43% Friday, the highest since 2.55% for February 28 (month-end and settlement pressures), while SOFR edged up all last week and popped to 2.46% on March 15, from 2.38% in early March (and was 2.58% on February 28).
BGCR has extended higher, a tick a day this week, rising to 2.39% yesterday from 2.38% Wednesday, 2.37% Tuesday and 2.36% Monday.
BGCR ticked up yesterday to 2.38% from 2.37% on Tuesday and is the highest since 2.55% on February 28 (month-end and settlement pressures).
BGCR was flat at 2.36% on Monday, where it was on Friday, and versus 2.55% on February 28.
BGCR also slipped to 2.36% to end last week, versus 2.55% on Thursday, and a string of 2.37% rates since mid-February.
SOFR slipped to 2.37% Wednesday from 2.38% previously, while BGCR and OBFR were steady yesterday at 2.37% and 2.40%, respectively.
SOFR slipped to 2.40% yesterday versus 2.43% on Friday, with BGCR sliding to 2.37% from 2.41%.
The SOFR and BGCR rates rose to 2.43% and 2.41%, respectively on Friday, versus Thursday's rates of 2.39% and 2.36%.
SOFR fell to 2.38% on Wednesday from 2.40% Tuesday, with BGCR sliding to 2.35% from 2.37%.