BGCTBaptist General Convention of Texas
BGCTBenign Giant Cell Tumor
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Policies of the BGCT, however, constrained their use by BUSN and BUCM (in Houston), just as they constrained acceptance by BUH of Hill-Burton funds for hospital expansion (66).
4) Carroll played a major role in the change of venue for the 1897 BGCT annual session, where Hayden first lost his seat in the convention, from Weatherford, only sixty miles from Dallas, to Temple, only forty-one miles from Waco.
His leadership of two great historic churches in Waco, his service in the work of the denomination as a pastor and as executive-secretary [director] of the BGCT, his ministry as a writer and especially his role as a pastor, teacher, mentor, and friend to decades of college students at Baylor University should be remembered and recorded.
This article seeks to answer these questions by examining long-term baptism counts from 1950 to 2008 at both the SBC national level and the BGCT state level.
James Semple, director of the BGCT State Missions Commission and Jimmy Garcia, consultant in the Ethnic Missions Department of the State Missions Commission, welcomed, challenged, and pledged their support of the Yucatan campaigns.
The system, which has struggled financially for at least four years, is affiliated with the BGCT, and the convention elects its trustees.
Chapter eight compares "Yesterday and Today," relating the Hayden controversy to what is happening today between the BGCT and Southern Baptists of Texas (SBT).
The BGCT priority has always been that we would do everything we could so that the residents of San Antonio can receive the health care they need.
In addition, the BGCT never opposed the social Christianity emphases, the Baptist Standard editorship supported the Christian ethics involvements, and the department of Christian Ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary supplied ministers who understood the ethics facets of the gospel.
This world missions network would create a way to connect churches and institutions with needs, opportunities and resources," said Charles Wade, BGCT executive director.