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The BGCT Fund will be administered by One Community, the community foundation for Kirklees.
Also, Bob Patterson negotiated with the BGCT to fund additional PhD stipends.
The story also reported the perspective of Ellis Orozco, who served as chairman of the BGCT Strategic Planning Committee and currently is on the Administrative Committee.
The BGCT is administered by One Community, the community foundation for Kirklees.
The clergywomen, however, identified themselves more with the progressive groups: CBF 77 percent, Alliance of Baptists 23 percent, ABC-USA 15 percent, BGAV 10 percent, and BGCT 8 percent.
Through the first half of the twentieth century, the BGCT leadership transitioned to a more socially proactive and racially aware organization that began to pursue opportunities to collaborate with African-American and Mexican-American Baptists.
After helping to reconcile the two factions of the First Church of Dallas, he then secured Link's newspaper at the first 1886 annual session of the BGCT. Named the Texas Baptist and Herald, Hayden now had the only denominational organ in Texas.
Second, McBeth's participation in and leadership to the various historical entities with which he has been associated is substantial: as chairman of the BGCT Bicentennial Committee (1975-76) and a member of its Baptist Distinctives Committee, president of the Southern Baptist Historical Society (1977-78), chairman of the SBC Historical Commission (1980-83), a member of the SBC Sesquicentennial Planning Committee (1994-95), former chairman of the Texas Baptist Historical Committee, and a member of the board of trustees of Wayland Baptist University.
Melton resigned in 1941 to begin service as the [executive-] secretary of the BGCT, where he served throughout World War II.
This article seeks to answer these questions by examining long-term baptism counts from 1950 to 2008 at both the SBC national level and the BGCT state level.
Chapter eight compares "Yesterday and Today," relating the Hayden controversy to what is happening today between the BGCT and Southern Baptists of Texas (SBT).
In addition, the BGCT never opposed the social Christianity emphases, the Baptist Standard editorship supported the Christian ethics involvements, and the department of Christian Ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary supplied ministers who understood the ethics facets of the gospel.